You know that you hit it big when you got into the IT sector in Ukraine. Opening that door brings so many colors to your life, as you are now working in the most innovative surrounding. Not only will you receive decent reward for your work, but you can also enjoy your life, travelling, doing sports, exposing yourself to different cultures, practicing your hobbies, and finally, being free to try new things. You are among the people with tons of creativity and interesting business ideas.

So why would you be exceptionally happy to live and work in the tech field in Lviv? Here are some of the reasons.

1. You don’t need to travel too far to get a degree in Computer Science

Lviv has 9 institutions with bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral programs in Computer Science, Mathematics or other related fields. Over 4000 tech graduates join Lviv’s labor market annually.

Lviv Polytechnic National University has three departments to study programming (Institute of Computer Science and IT, Institute of Computer Technologies, Automation and Metrology, Institute of Applied Mathematics and Fundamental Sciences). Recently Lviv Polytechnic National University, supported by a passionate Lviv IT community, has also started a Bachelor’s program in the Internet of Things.

Ivan Franko National University of Lviv has 3 respective faculties (Faculty of Electronics and Computer Technologies, Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics, Faculty of Applied Mathematics and Informatics).

Ukrainian Catholic University offers several majors (Computer Science, IT and Business Analysis, Data Science) at the Faculty of Applied Sciences.

Lviv University of Trade and Economics has majors in Computer Science and Higher Mathematics and Quantitative Methods at the Faculty of International Economic Relations and IT.

Lviv State University of Life Safety has majors in Cybersecurity and Computer Science at the Scientific Institute of Civil Security.

Ukrainian National Forestry University offers a major in Computer Science at the Technology Faculty.

IT Step University specializes in IT education and thus offers various IT programs: Web Design, Web Development, Computer Networks and Cybersecurity, Big Data, Data Science, AI.

Ukrainian Academy of Printing also offers majors in Computer Science and IT, and Applied Mathematics and Computer Information Systems at the Faculty of Publishing, Printing and IT.

In addition, Lviv National Academy of Arts has a major in Graphic Design.

2. If your desire for knowledge is not yet satisfied, there you go with multiple trainings, courses and workshops

Most major IT companies in Lviv provide trainings in popular programming languages, frameworks, QA/QC, web-design, etc. After successful completion of the study, you will have a great chance to land a job at the company that provided the training.

Besides, there are about 20 other educational centers, if you want to update your knowledge in the area, master new technologies, or if you need to strengthen some soft and hard skills required at your work.

To name just a few:

  • LITS
  • Logos IT Academy
  • Logos Java Academy
  • Logos HR Academy
  • Skillup
  • QA Group
  • Testing School
  • ITEA
  • Startup School University Edition
  • Lviv Digital Marketing School
  • Product School
  • Coding for Future
  • University Oktenweb
  • Main Academy
  • Cursor Education
  • Basic Education Center

3. You become a part of the vibrant IT community

If you want to discuss some specifics of your work, share your ideas and look up for solutions applied by others, you’re welcome to events and meetups of Lviv IT community.

The biggest IT events in 2018 gathering 300+ attendees:

Many more other meetups are available, discussing some hot topics for software developers, HRs, PMs, QAs, etc.

4. There’s a vast choice of companies to join

Over 250 IT-companies are located in Lviv. While the majority of them focus on outsourcing, the share of product companies is growing (around 25 currently). Lviv hosts R&D centers of such product companies as Mita Teknik, Cypress Semiconductor Corp., Scout Gaming Tech AS, Maytech, YouTeam, b-next, Gameloft, RocketRoute, etc.

Therefore, if you are looking for more stability and long-term perspective for your career, you can choose from product companies. And if you want to try yourself in different projects, and possibly different technologies, you can go for outsourcing companies.

5. You can choose technologies to work with

IT companies in Lviv are involved in a variety of projects, using all sorts of technology stacks. According to recent research of DOU, Ukrainian developers mostly work with Java (21%), JavaScript (17%), C# (14%), PHP (13%), Python (10%), C++ (5%), Swift (3,4%%), Ruby (3%).

If you would like to change the technology stack you’re working with, you can go for various trainings, either offline or online, and make a move.

6. You will enjoy some amazing perks and benefits

Many IT companies in Lviv show their appreciation to employees by offering a pack of bonuses: health insurance, sports allowance, corporate events, drinks and snacks, etc. You also get a chance to upgrade your skills at the corporate trainings and improve your English skills at the classes provided by the company. Besides, IT companies here usually provide paid vacation and sick leave.

7. You can make it to the top in your career

As the IT market in Lviv is very dynamic, tech specialists have high chances to promote from trainee/junior to senior level positions, and even further to Tech Lead, Architect, and Counsel, etc. In addition, you can move on to managerial positions by taking responsibility for specific fields. Some people make very successful shifts from QAs to BAs or PMs, from System Administrators to Automation Testers or Software Developers. There are many options; all you need is to be ready to master new skills. However, normally, you are already used to continuous self-education, as the IT world is very fast-paced and staying up-to-date requires studying a lot.

8. You live in a beautiful European city

In addition to excellent professional opportunities, Lviv offers very comfortable living conditions. Here you will find everything for yourself and your family: decent residential property, schools, hospitals, shopping, entertainment, etc.

While Lviv has the population of around 1 million, it doesn’t feel too crowded. The commute time is comparatively short, if you live within the city boundaries. However, many people choose to move to the suburbs to enjoy the nature, larger space and outdoor activities for their families.

The city of Lviv is attracting more and more tourists every year. It is no surprise, as there are tons of sightseeings and it’s quite cheap to travel here. The historic center of Lviv is renovated and resembles typical old European cities. Being the cultural capital of Ukraine, Lviv provides countless options to go for: theaters, The Opera House, Philharmonic Hall, museums, galleries, a number of cathedrals, churches and many other historic spots.

With all the necessary infrastructure, like hotels and event halls, and most importantly, its active community, Lviv hosts different cultural, business and social events. Geographical proximity to Europe has boosted multiple commercial opportunities in Lviv. The city has now big Danish, German, Austrian and other business communities.

9. You can easily travel

Lviv is located an hour drive to the Polish border and around 3-4 hours drive to the Hungarian border. Lviv boasts a modern international airport with flights to major European capitals: Vienna 1:40, London 2:45, Berlin 1:20, Munich 1:40, Warsaw 1:00, Rome 2:20, Istanbul 2:00, Kyiv 1:20, etc.

10. You have a great variety of entertainment at your disposal

Multiple festivals, arts and culture events take place in Lviv, giving you the possibility to attend concerts/performances/expos/debates/meetups almost every day.

There are countless cafes, pubs and restaurants at your disposal.

Well, your Lviv IT company will most surely get you to the best places and offer you some fun and interesting leisure activities.

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